Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Lake Core Investigation - Jack, Kyle, Craig

Question: What type of Diatoms are on the surface compared to the bottom?
Procedure: We will take sediment from the surface of the long core put it on a slide and examine it. Then we will do the same for the bottom but we will take sediment from the bottom. Then we will make a chart and compare diatoms.

Varibles Measured: Type of Diatoms

Varibles Changed: Surface and bottom of long core.

Controls: We will use the same amount of sediment.


Claim: We claim that there are more types of diatoms on the top the bottom, although there are some of the same on the top and bottom

Evidence: If you look at the data table the diatoms are the same on some of them like 8(melosiera), 10(aulacoseira), and 11(gyrosigma)

2 further questions: What if we were to take another lake core from another lake and then see what diatoms there are?

What if we were to take samples from the middle of the lake core and add it to the data would there be more of the same?

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