Friday, February 27, 2009

Diatom Investigations


Are there more dirrerent kinds of diatoms in the core A at 60 cm. than in core B at 5cm?


1. Make a smear slide from the 1st core at 60cm.
2. Look at the slide under a microscope.
3. Make another slide from the 2nd core at 5cm.
4. Repeat step two.
5.Compare the results


Slides, toothpicks, lake core, microscope, pencils, notebook


Core A 4 kinds 60cm. two slides
Core B no kinds 5cm 4 slides


Claim: Core A had more dirrerent kinds of diatoms thatn core B.

Evidence: We took two slides from core A and four slides from core B and core B still didnt have any diatoms. We found four kinds of diatoms in core A and no kinds in core B.

Reosoning: The reason we didnt find any diatoms in core B may be because when we took the sample in core B it was at 5cm. and thats younger than core B at 60cm and core B had more time to produce because the fact that it is older, and core B at 5cm. has not had as much as a chance to form diatoms as core A did because its younger at 5cm.

2 Further Questions: What would happen to the number of diatoms if we moved the sample to 5cm. in core A, and move the sample in core B to 15cm. extead of 5cm.?

What core has the most diatoms at 20cm. in core A and B?

Nick Mace, Danny Aldrich, Ty Honkala, Theo Jahnke

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