Tuesday, February 24, 2009

diatom study

Hi, our names are Alec, Mitchell, Brendon, and Shawn. And we are studying diatoms.

QUESTION: Are there more diatoms at 10cm. than at 70cm.

our procedure is 1. Walk over to the core. 2. Take tooth pick out of bag. 3. Take sample on slide. 4. Put sample on slide. 5. Put a drop of water on sample. 6. Smear sample and add coverslip. 7. Repeat three times at 10 cm and three times at 70 cm.8. Compare slides.

Variables: Change Depth
Variabled Measured: number of diatoms
Controls: same core, same amount at dirt

Conclusion: We found out that there where more diotoms at 70cm compared to 10cm. At 70cm there where 105 diatoms on three slides at 10cm there where 29 diatoms on three slides. at 70cm the time period could have been when they dumped sewage in the lake making more fertalizer for the plants and make more habitat for the diatoms.

2 Further Questions: 1. Does tempature effect the nubmer of diatoms? 2. Does the depth of water effect the number of diatoms?

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