Thursday, March 5, 2009

Diatoms in the Lake Adley core sample

By Trent, Connor, Tyler and Dominic

Question: How many different kinds of diatoms are at 4cm and at 24cm?

1 take 2 samples one from 4 cm deep and one from 24 cm

2 put the samples on seprate glass slides

3 compare slides on a microscope

4 write down comparisins and differences between the diatoms on the slides

Variable Changed: Depth

Variables Measured: Number of Diatoms

Controls: Number of samples taken


With many slides at the correct depth of 4cm and 24cm our results were we did not find any diatoms at 4 cm at 24cm we found several cymbella and synedra for this maybe as the depth increases your diatoms may increase. Because they live on the bottom you will find more than the ones that float.

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