Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Osakis Diatom Study

Olivia, Avery, Taylor, Tyler

Question: Are there more Diatoms at two cm or at 80 cm?

I. Clean off slide
II.  Put two drops of water on the slide
III. Take one toothpick and put it in the mud about one-half cm
IV. Take it out
V. Take a circular motion to spread the mud around
VI. Look under a microscope
VII. Count all the Diatoms that can be identified

I. Slide
II. Toothpick
III. Cover Slide
IV. Microscope
V. Mud
VI. Water
VII. Water Dropper
VIII.  Notebook/Paper

Two cm deep five different Diatoms- 4 slides, types are: Melosira, Nitzchia, Diatoma, Stephanadiscus, and Cocconeis
Eighty cm deep six different Diatoms- 4 slides, types are: Cymbella, Melosira, Frustulia, Nitzchia, Surirella, Euontia 

Claim: Eighty cm deep had one more Diatoms that two cm.
Evidence: We took four slides of each and found that there was just one 
more Diatoms at two cm than at eighty cm.
Reasoning: The reasoning we came up with was that eighty cm could've 
settled so that they could've cross bred to make a different Diatom or they just be different conditions the farther they go.

Questions/Comments: Very interesting shape description in the experiment by Nick, Dylan, Eric, RC

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