Thursday, March 12, 2009

Lake Core Investigation

By Molly, Nicole, Taylor and Robert

Question: How do diatoms differ from 50 cm to 70 cm?

Data: We did about 5 different slides at 50 cm and also at 70 cm. The diatoms differed between the two observations.


Claim: Both were the same size but they were shaped differently. The diatoms at 50 cm were shaped like bricks and the diatoms at 70 cm were shaped like ladders.

Evidence: There were more diatoms at 70 cm than 50 cm.

Reasoning: At 50 cm we didn't see many diatoms, but at 70 cm we saw more than 20 diatoms

Further Questions:

1. Would've our results changed if we went deeper than 70 cm?

2. Would the moisture or dryness of the soil change the amount of diatoms?

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