Friday, February 12, 2010

Lake core investigation

By:Matthew Hanson,Tarin Thompson,Benton LaVan

Qustion: Are there the same diatoms at 12 inches of the core as 24 inches?

Materials: 6 slides and slide covers, toothpick, core, and water.


  1. Get materials.

  2. Measure 1 foot down and 2 feet down and take sample with toothpick( Not too much).

  3. Put it on the slide with the cover on top.

  4. Examine under scope and find what kinds of diatoms at that depth

  5. Repeat process except at 2 feet instead of 1 foot.


Variable changed: depth of sample.

Variable measurred: kinds of diatoms

Controls: time observed, observer,amount sediment, microscope, amount of water


Conclusion: The answer to our question is yes. There are some of the same diatoms at 1 foot and 2 feet. We found #4's, #22's, and # 8's at both 1 foot and 2 feet. We also found some different kinds in 1 foot and 2 feet. Some diatoms that we didn't find at both depths in the lake core are #20's,#5's, and #16's. #20's,#5's, and#16's were all found in 24in.

2 Further Questions:

  1. How many more diatoms are at 20cm. or 40cm.

  2. Why was there some of the same diatoms at 24 in. and at 12 in.

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