Monday, February 15, 2010


How are the old diatoms different from the new ones?

Variable change:
tThe diatoms we found in the samples.

Variable measured: Old diatoms and new diatoms

procedure: Take a sample from the newer side of the core. Then, mix it with water so that it is very liquidy. Then do the same with a old sample. We had to be careful not to mix up the samples. Then, we take ten minutes to look at each slide. Then, once we had all of our information, we were able to figure out our conclusion.

Controls: 3 slides each

Conclusion: The older samples have less variety than the newer core samples. We had six samples in all, and though it is sometimes hard to find diatoms, we pulled through. Yay for dj's good slides. We found more variety in the new ones. Its sort of like todays culture. The older culture is more refined, and the newer culture is just crazy.

Reasoning: Only gyrosigma was found in old samples, and in new samples we found synedra, cymbella and navicula.


1: Why have the sizes of the diatoms changed?

2 :In what rock layer are the most diatoms found? by: Dj, Quentin, Tyler and Jake. booya!

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