Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Question: What is the most common kind of diatom in the newer and older ends of the sample?

1. find a slide and put sediment (dirt) in between.
2. put a slide with the sediment into microscope.
3. Make 6 slides.
4. focus the microscope.
5. look at each slide for 5 minutes.
6. whenever you find a diatom search the name and write it down.
7. Once youve made 6 slides looked at each for 5 minutes, and charted down all your data look at your results.
8. Make a data table with your results.
9. discover the most common diatom.

Following Questions:
1. If everyone did the same question would there results be the same?
2. Is this a certin type of dirt that produces these types of diatoms?

Variable Changed: location in core.
Variable Measured: most common diatom.
Variable Control: same core, look at each for 5 minutes.

Conclusion: We found out that Tebellaria is the most common diatom. Next to Meridon then Nevicula. After we found 18 diatoms 10 of them were Tebellaria, 6 of then were Meridon and 3 of them were Nevicula.
Shalen G. Jenna L. Spencer P. Brady B.

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