Thursday, February 18, 2010

Lake Core Investigation Tyler, Tristan, Kyle, Zach

Question: Can we find the same types of diatoms on the top as we did on the bottem of the lake core?


  1. Get 6 slides (3 from the top, 3 from the bottem)

  2. Look for similar diatoms in the top and bottem slides

  3. Record data in a graph


  1. Notebook

  2. Pencil/Pen

  3. 6 slides with slide covers

  4. 3 samples from top of the core

  5. 3 samples from the bottem of the core

Variables Measured-types of diatoms

Variable Change-depths

Control-water, depth, amount of sediment on the slide,amount of time looking for diatoms

Data Table

Top of Core

slide diatom type. number of that type

1 5.1 11.1

2 11.11 6.uncountable

3 43.2 11.4

Bottem of Core

slide diatom type. number of that type

1 14.1 16.2 1.1

2 6.7

3 6.2 11.4

conclusion: we found a couple of the same types of diatoms on top and bottom they are diatoms 11 and 6 they were others but not on both levels i will use the first slides of the top and bottom of the core for an example we found diatom number 11 on top and bottom but only on on each there is the diatom gyrosigma which is benthic likes to live in queit open waters same as the cyclotella diatom number 6 but the cyclotella is planktonic diatom most of the others are open and quiet water diatoms such as diatom 4 and 5 which are benthic.

2 further questions

1.if we had a diffrent core from adley would have more or less diatoms at same height?

2.can we find diatom #11 in the middle of the same core?

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