Tuesday, February 16, 2010

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Are there more diatoms in the newer or older core?

1. Gather slides. slide covers, microscope, lake core, toothpick, notebook, and pensil.
2. Use toothpick to take sample from the core (anywhere from 1-15 in), then put sediment on slide.
3. Add 2 drops of water to the sediment on the slide, and gently place cover over sediment.
4. Place slide on microscope.
5. Examine slide for 7min., and record number of diatoms found.
6. Repeat five more times at 1-15in and record in data table, in notebook.
7. Repeat steps 1-6 at 16-30in.


1. 7min/slide
2. Same amount of sediment
3. Same amount of water
4. Same microscope

Variable Changed:
We changed the depth of the samples from the lake cores.

Variable Measured:
The number of diatoms in the newer and older lake cores.

We found less diatoms in the newer part of the core (1-15in), according to our data. In the newer part we found 184 diatoms total. They were mostly Gomphonema. For this diatom to live here there must have been alot of sediment deposited there at that time.
We found more diatoms in the older part of the core (16-30in), according to our data. In the older part we found 402 diatoms total. Most of the diatoms were Melosiera. Which meansthere must have been alot of flowing water there at that time.

Two further questions:
1. What is the difference in diatoms in lake Minneswaska compared to lake Adley.
2.How many kinds of diatoms are at 30in. of the lake adley core?

By: Dylan, Bryce, Manda, KatieLynn

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